Career Profile

I'm an Enterprise Architect with 7 years of experience in both web and mobile platforms and currently working for Allianz Turkey in Izmir.

My main aim is to build robust, stable, flexible, extensible, high quality software with teams having highly-competent, motivated people in a fast and efficient way.

I always enjoy learning new things and I continuously research new technologies.


Enterprise Architect

Apr. 2021 → Present

Solutions Architect

Jun. 2020 → Apr. 2021
  • Responsible for transformation in Allianz Health Domain legacy projects.
  • Suggest architectural improvements, design and integration solutions, while working closely with Enterprise Architect Team.
  • Implemented messaging solutions with RabbitMQ.
  • Lead cultural transformation of Test Driven Development.

Senior Software Developer

Sep. 2018 → Jun. 2020
  • Modernized legacy PL/SQL businesses to Spring & Angular & semi-microservices stack.
  • Centralized and parameterized all outgoing sms and emails throughout Allianz Turkey.
  • Coached the new members & trainees of the development team.

HR Solutions Development - Senior Software Developer

Sep. 2017 → Sep. 2018
  • Implemented a human resources management system which is web based transactional application in Vaadin 8 and Spring Framework.
  • Implemented and designed RESTful API for the company’s mobile applications.
  • Developed in payroll software targeting project for worldwide usage with Spring Cloudstack, which is the first SaaS HR application on company.
  • Built and managed overall service infrastructure utilizing Docker container and several on demand PAAS stack (Including Redis, MongoDB, Postgresql, Apache Kafka), focusing on high-availability, fault tolerance, and auto-scaling.
  • Developed time saving Intellij IDEA IDE plugins for the team I’m working with to help them with their common tasks to be completed easily.
  • Experienced on Java8, Vaadin8, Spring Boot, Hibernate, MongoDB, PostgresDB and Jenkins

CRM Services Development - Software Developer

Sep. 2014 → Aug. 2017
  • Analyzed and developed Turkcell SuperOnline's (ISP) CRM and Convergent Order Management solutions application from start to end with a large team of 20+ people.
  • Analyze and define clients’ business strategy and determine system architecture requirements to achieve business goals.
  • Develop data architecture design to facilitate targeted analysis.
  • Suggest architectural improvements, design and integration solutions, and formulate methodologies to optimize object-oriented software and database development.
  • Collaborated with and guided operational teams to deploy applications continuously on to development environments.
  • Built an application for operational teams to manage their daily work and automate common tasks.
  • Coaching and helping the new members & trainees of the development team
  • Developed and automated various time saving scripts & applications using application development skills.
  • Experienced on Java, JSF, Spring Framework, Hibernate, Oracle DB and PrimeFaces 5

Software Developer Intern

Jul. 2014 → Sep. 2014
  • 3rd place in Software Innovation Project Competition among over 300 interns.
  • Developed Mobile Health application and its hardware equipment which tracks vehicles through GPS during traffic accidents and informs health care services.

Software Developer

Mar. 2014 - Jun. 2014 (Part-Time)
  • Developed advertisement recognition algorithm for an application which understands end of tv commercials and sends notification to users. Using; C++ and OpenCV (an open source image processing library)

R&D Department Intern

Jun. 2012 – Jul. 2012
  • Figured an error on production line that breaks blades that cuts electrical cables and fixed it with installing a sensor group to stop the machine when that error occurs.


Personal Projects

Charty for WhatsApp - iOS Application
Interactive Timeline Installation - Could Shakespeare have listened to Verdi?
Idea Currency - Intellij Idea Cryptocurrency tracker plugin.
Experimental Excel ORM Library - Excel ORM Library
GifLab - Texts in Motion Online Gif Generator
SoapUI Workspace Builder Library - A Java library for generating SoapUI workspace and projects.

Skills & Proficiency


Java, Hibernate, Spring Framework, Basic iOS & Android Development


JSF, Primefaces, Vaadin, Angular, React, React Native


Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ

Agile Experience

Worked in Scrum Teams 5+ years, Used BDD, TDD


Intellij Idea Plugin Development, Jetkins, Docker, Linux Shell Scripting, Embedded Programming